Beer, Liquor and Drinking Stocking Stuffer Gifts!

The 2016 Holiday season is here and its time to think about gifts for friends and family! WearYourBeer has the largest selection of gifts for your 21 and over friends and family! Looking for some small and affordable gifts to stuff in stockings on Christmas morning? WearYourBeer has a massive selection of stocking stuffer gift items! Check out WearYourBeer’s full selection of stocking stuffer gifts right here!

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Beer, Liquor and Drinking Gifts Under $10 for Christmas 2016!

Looking for a great, affordable gift for someone this year and don’t know where to look? Start your search at WearYourBeer! WearYourBeer has put together a massive selection of great Gifts For Under $10 for Christmas 2016! Every product on WearYourBeer is officially licensed! We have products from Budweiser, Miller, Corona, Coors and more! At WearYourBeer you can find all the best beer tshirts, beer hoodies, beer pint glasses, shot glasses, beer bottle openers, beer koozies and much, much more! … read more

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Beer Brand Winter Hats and Beanies!

WearYourBeer has everything you need to get you ready for the winter! You’ve probably seen our huge selection of beer pouch hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies, but now its time to talk about our winter hats! WearYourBeer has a great selection of winter hats and beanies from Corona, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Brooklyn Brewery, Arrogant Bastard Fosters and more! Studies show that humans lose up to 50% of their body heat through their heads! You don’t want to go all winter … read more

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Beer Brand Neon Clocks!

Looking for a way to spice up your home bar or man cave? Maybe you need a great Christmas 2016 gift for your favorite beer drinker? Check out WearYourBeers selection of Neon Clocks! Neon clocks are a perfect way to show your love for your favorite brand, while also keeping track of the time so you don’t stay up too late drinking again! WearYourBeer has officially licensed neon clocks from Coors Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, Keystone Light, Blue Moon, Busch, … read more

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Beer Pouch Hoodies!

WearYourBeer has a great selection of Beer Pouch Hoodies for the cold months ahead! The temperatures are dropping and winter is on its way. Don’t get left out in the cold! Beer pouch hoodies are not only a great way to stay warm, but a way to look great and have fun doing it! Beer pouch hoodies feature an extra front pouch made specifically to hold your bottle or can of beer! Don’t want your hands to freeze while holding … read more

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Captain and Coke Couples Halloween Costume

Still looking for a Halloween costume for 2016? Need a couples costume or a costume you can pair with a friend? Wear Your Beer has you covered! If you didn’t see our last post, check out our Jack and Coke Couples Halloween Costume. This week I’ve got a new option for you: Captain and Coke Couples Halloween Costumes! Costume tees are a great option for Halloween. Not only are they simple and cheap, but unlike a traditional halloween costume that … read more

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Jack and Coke Couples Halloween Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and Wear Your Beer is here to give you some great costume ideas. Our first idea is a classic halloween couples costume, the Jack and Coke! Wear Your Beer has everything you need for a simple couples costume thats very affordable, plus the tshirts are great to wear all year long! Check out the Jack and Coke couples costumes by clicking HERE. Unfortunately, not all of us have a better half to do a couples costume … read more

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8 Common Beers That Will Get You Drunk!

We know that there are some mighty powerful beers out there, but not everyone lives hear a micro brew megastore. So, with the average alcohol selection in mind, we’ve created a list of beers that are easily attainable, and will easily inebriate you. If you think we missed a beer, let us know in the comments! Want to share this post? Copy and paste the code below to your site! <a href=””> <img src=”” width=100% height=auto ></a><br/><small>Enjoyed this infographic? Check … read more

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24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Think you know everything about beer? Think again! We’ve compiled a list of 24 things that would surprise even the most knowledgable beer snob. Now, when you meet your first OKCupid date at the bar for a drink and have nothing to talk about, you can show them that your beer knowledge goes beyond how to use it for inebriation! We hope you enjoyed reading these useless facts about beer. As drinking enthusiasts, we’re clearly very concerned with health, and … read more

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How to Get Drunk Doing Anything, Anywhere.

Do you often find yourself in situations where drinking is inappropriate? Do people sometimes stare, and maybe even whisper, about your public alcohol appreciation? Well, we have conquered the sober world and have blazed a trail for those whose clocks always read 5 p.m. At Church: Hidden Flask Bible, $16.99 Even the house of God can get a little dry sometimes. No one will suspect that you’re wetting your whistle with the Devil’s Elixir… unless you’re in a Synagogue. At … read more

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